Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tuesday Night at the Arena

Tonight the actual convention begins at the Time Warner Cable Arena.  Michelle Obama's speech will be the highlight of the evening.

After some confusion with the various delegate credentials and in the midst of a steady rain, we arrived at the Arena, slowly making our way up to the suite level.  The hallways of the arena were filled with people, many of them wet from the steady rain.  There were cameras, computers, and what seemed like miles and miles of electrical cable and coaxial cable connecting all the media people in the suites with their satellite trucks in the parking lots surrounding the Arena.  People were standing around, some were sitting on the floor--nothing very colorful about this back side view of the Arena.  The floors were damp from wet shoes and paper put down to absorb the moisture was flaking leaving bits of paper everywhere.  Most of the people were dressed rather grubby--but then someone would pass by dressed in coat and tie or pantsuit with every hair in place.  On a second glance you realized this was the anchor person off one of the network news channels, someone you have seen on the various TV newscasts over the years.  What a contrast to the view from the suite with the Arena spread out before us in all the color and pageantry that you see on your television at home, only larger. 

 WOW!  What a spectacle...  It is really hard to describe what it was like to see it with your own eyes.

 CNN has its suite with reporters, guests and workers to the left of the Host Committee Suite on the same level.

Dan took us down on the floor of the Convention with the delegates all milling about.  You can see half of Katie's face in the middle foreground.

Michelle Obama speaks to the convention.  The actual picture of Michelle is the little one at the bottom of the picture.  Above her is a really mammoth screen that enlarges her so that everyone can see her face and her expressions.  The stands to the right and left of her are teleprompters.  There is a larger one with big letters straight ahead of her.