Monday, September 17, 2012

DNC Delegate Reception

September 3, 2012      NASCAR HALL OF FAME--DNC Delegate Reception

Monday evening and we are off to another reception. 

Tonight's event is the first of the DNC  planned events.  The Charlotte Host Committee planned Sunday night's welcome parties, 12 separate events, meeting at venues all around the city.  Our grand time at the Whitewater Center was a welcome event planned by the Host Committee.  Tonight we are headed to the DNC Delegate Reception.  Thus far, we have seen convention activities through Dan and Katie's eyes and the eyes of the Charlotte Host Committee.  The convention planning has three separate and overlapping committees, all planning different aspects of the week.  Of course, with anything this large there are predictable mis-communications, turf battles, balls dropped between the groups, and on and on.  Dan Murrey's legendary peacemaking and negotiating skills have been on full display.   The DNC is the Democratic National Committee, the permanent committee operating between conventions in the name of the Democratic Party.  This committee chooses the platform speakers, works on the political platform, and all other things political.   The DNCC is the Democratic National Convention Committee which handles the actual convention details, and logistics.  And the Host Committee, dealing with all things Charlotte, the Media event this past Saturday, the 12 delegate receptions on Sunday evening, the Carolina Street Fest earlier today, the venues, the security and much more that I don't know about.  Tonight's reception is a DNC event at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, sponsored by Duke Energy.  All the delegates are invited.  There's live music both inside the hall and outside on a stage.  The weather certainly hasn't cooperated; we have rain off and on and high sticky humidity.  The crowds are, well, crowded.  The food is neither plentiful nor particularly tasty.

The morning after the Friday night Media Welcome Party, the Charlotte Observer called that party a "lavish bash!"  Tonight's party was sort of a "mash."  We attended with the Dan's parents and spent most of the time looking for a place to sit.  Certainly, the best part of the evening was the chance to catch up with Jane and Harwell.  It has been several years since we have been together, and it is sheer pleasure to be with others who so heartily agree with us in every detail on everything having to do with Sam and Lucy. 

The NASCAR Hall of Fame all decked out in blue lighting...

Flashing wrist bracelets attached to your arm at the entrance.

The crowd on the main floor just inside the entrance.

The ramp wound its way up the sides of the building with room for people at several levels.

Outside the sweets were served on these rather fantastic lighted trays, the flashing blue lights matching the lights on your wristband.

We were all delighted to meet up with Dan and Katie and call for Jeff to take us home.

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