Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012


The Sunday morning paper says it in big bold type:

The first event of the convention gets underway tonight
with 12 delegate parties in venues all around town.

After checking out the paper we strolled down to Covenant Presbyterian, just two or three blocks from Katie and Dan's home.  The walk seemed like a good idea until we had made it one block and were both soaking wet with the heat and humidity.  As we sat down in the pew at church, relishing the air-conditioning and the bulletin to use as a fan, a nice couple on the pew behind us tapped Jack on the shoulder and offered to take us home in their car after the service.  We must have looked rather pitiful!  We took them up on their fine offer.

 Pretty homes and yards line Dilworth Avenue.  However, I was enjoying the landscaping and taking pictures of plants.  This variegated lirope was so pretty with its spiky blue flowers.  We don't have lirope in Montana; too cold, I suppose.  It is such a hearty plant in the South that it had always seemed to me you could grow it anywhere.

Covenant has a beautiful campus of stone buildings, the first of which was built soon 
after World War II by master Italian stone masons brought to Charlotte from Italy 
to build the sanctuary and its tower.

A Sunday morning view of the tower.  The bells pealed out a Call to Worship 
and chimed the 11 o'clock hour.

Another view of the tower.

And one more tower view with the Duke Tower, Charlotte's 
newest skyscraper clearly visible in the background.

The interior of the church, pulpit to the left and lectern on the right.

The Eastern transept window with the morning light still illuminating the stained glass.

Pastor Bob Henderson preached a fine sermon on the Prodigal Son.   And we enjoyed an air-conditioned ride back to the house.

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