Monday, September 3, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sam posted this picture on Facebook today--from the 2008 convention, I suppose.  He's excited along with all the family that this event they've been focused on for over 18 months is finally happening.  It feels like being at the top of a hill on a sled, and today, ready or not, we've pushed off down the slope.

Dan left early this morning, as usual, but he drove his prized high school yellow Volkswagen convertible, saved for him during the medical school years and restored by his parents.  Not only is he driving the convertible, he has donned that stylish straw hat for the day's activities, but he's still got the briefcase in hand.  This job has been a big one for him, having various frustrations along the way is certainly to be expected, but he's his ever cool and most competent self.  From the get-go he's hoped that the Convention will spotlight the city of Charlotte with all its successes and all the promise it holds for the future.  His term serving on the Mecklenburg County Commission gave him insight into all the opportunities and challenges facing this really lovely Southern city.

The dining room table is about maxed out with tickets, printed agendas and sticky notes.  Katie keeps up with Jeff, Dan's scheduler, as the days go along and situations and needs change.  Jeff is such a nice guy, young, enthusiastic, and competent.  He's an actor by trade, when the opportunities arise.  As a child he was a regular on the kids TV show "Barney and Friends,"  one of those eager kids following after that big pink dinosaur who taught them that "please and thank you are the magic words."  That's still very good advice, especially in a political campaign.  Anyway, Jeff also serves as Dan's chauffeur during the convention.  Driving probably won't be difficult--parking will be the challenge. 

H-E-R-E'-S  Jeff with his girlfriend Jennifer.

They both drove a van to our evening at the N.C Music Factory party, setting all of us out right at the entrance.  Before leaving the house Jeff took the picture below of all the family dressed up for the party, standing together in the living room of Dan and Katie's home.

Left to right are Dan, Katie, Lucy and Sam, me, Jack, Maloo and Mark Murrey.  Mark is Dan's older brother, also a Davidson guy.  He and Maloo live in Boone, NC, where he is a MD in Family Practice.

Katie has us organized with our credential and ready to go.

Jack snapped this nice pic of Katie and me as we stood on the porch stairs.  Katie has always been a little shorter than I am, and smaller (ahem.....); she's up a step in this picture and wearing high heels, but I do think I'm shrinking, height-wise, and we are actually fairly close to the same height.  Daughter Nancy is taller than both of us.  I'm mighty proud of both my girls.

On to the party in the next post....

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